Chicago Roof Materials


Chicago Roofing contractor About usWhen it comes to your home’s roof, it’s usually not given a second thought until there’s a problem. The protection it offers your home and your family are taken for granted until a leak develops. Well, if that’s the condition of your current roof, it may be time for a new one. But how can you sort through all the options to find a roofing material that will serve you just as well- or better than your old one did? Not to worry, as this guide will outline some of the best, most durable roofing materials on the market that will preside over your home for many years to come.


Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing ChicagoMetal roofs come in a variety of different forms, all varying in quality, form, and function. They can certainly be a cheap and utilitarian type of roof, like the corrugated sheets of galvanized metal that make up the roofs of barns and sheds across the country. If you need something more substantial, which of course you do for your home, you may opt for a luxurious copper roof, which is elegant enough to accentuate the tops of mansions and other high-end buildings. Somewhere in between those two extremes there is standing seam, metal shingles, powder coated steel systems and a whole host of other options. All of these intermediate options are beautiful, durable, and though not quite as costly as copper, they are on the upper end of the roofing material spectrum. This is especially true for formed-in-place standing seam roofs that require specialized skill and equipment to install. Still, a properly installed metal roof will last you 50 years with virtually no maintenance required, and there are ways to cut costs, such as buying a prefabricated standing seam roof customized to your specifications that can be installed by any qualified roofing company.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Roofing ChicagoYou may have thought that ceramic tile was reserved strictly for the interior home, but ceramic tile roofs can be found throughout the Mediterranean, Florida, and California. Barrel tiles give off that signature old world feel and beachy ambiance. These tiles can get quite heavy, so you may need to install some additional roofing support to hold the weight safely. The tiles themselves are not watertight, so a waterproof membrane will need to be laid on the roof sheathing prior to tile installation. Tiles must be installed one by one, by hand, in mortar. The process involves laying one layer on tiles upside down, with another layer right side up on top of them. It is quite a labor-intensive process and can therefore become quite costly. An authentic clay barrel tile roof may end up costing you $1,000 per 100 square feet, when all is said and done. There are other types of clay tile and clay tile imitations that will cost less than that for those on a strict budget. While ceramic tiles have traditionally been used only in warm, seaside climates, there is now a type of ceramic tile that is kiln fired and impermeable to water that would otherwise seep into the tile and expand when frozen, causing the tile to crack. This new type of tile is suitable for colder climates, though it may not shed snow and ice as well as other materials.