Chicago Metal Roofing Installation


Metal Roofing ChicagoAsphalt shingles remain the single most popular roofing material in America today, possibly in the world. But metal has so many great benefits to offer, and the number of residential consumers opting for metal roofs has been steadily growing over the course of the past several years. Is it possible that metal roofs will soon overtake their asphalt counterparts? Or will shingles always remain a fan favorite? In a head to head match of merit, who would win? We are about to find out, together!


In terms of durability, there is really no contest. Metal roofing will win every time. For metal roofing, an industry standard manufacturer warranty lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 years. When you install a new metal roof on your home, it will very likely last you a lifetime. Shingles, on the other hand, you would be lucky to squeeze 15 years out of. On average, they need to be replaced more like every 7 to 10 years, and that’s with all the required maintenance you also have to put in. Over the warranty period of one metal roof alone, not it’s total lifetime, but the warranty period only, a homeowner would need to completely replace shingled roofs three to five times. That’s an expense that definitely adds up!


Both shingles and metal roofing are highly customizable in terms of color, cut, style, and overall design. However, while metal roofing will preserve its color and cut indefinitely, asphalt shingles are known to fade and deteriorate over time when exposed to weather. The color you see on your shingled roof after just one year will not be what you picked out in the catalog. Shingles are also susceptible to staining from mold and algae growth, problems from which metal roofing does not suffer.


Every seven to ten years, a fresh batch of old asphalt shingles will end up in a landfill. There is no real way to recycle or reuse them. Metal roofing is 100% recyclable and, brand new, is already made with 25 to 60 percent recycled materials. How’s that for sustainable. At the end of its (very long) life as a roof, it can be melted down and turned into something else useful- or even another roof! There is no question that metal roofing is the better choice for the environment.


Price, for a long time, has been the major divider between asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Shingles are almost always the cheapest roofing material available, with metal roofing costing two or almost three times as much. However, that gap is gradually closing. In the past five years, the price of metal roofing has risen only five percent, while at the same time the average price for asphalt shingles has doubled! There will come a point, sometime relatively soon, when asphalt shingles become too expensive while offering too little benefit to be worth buying. When the price gap closes between shingles and metal roofing, even budget consumers will be able to see that metal is the better choice!