Chicago Metal Roofing

Posted on: January 19, 2016 by in Metal Roofing
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Chicago Metal RoofingFind a Metal Roof in Chicago. Metal roofs have been used since antiquity. Ancient metal roofs were made of sheets of lead or copper, and colonists in the early United States used roofs of sheet iron, which were coated with tin, lead or zinc to make them rustproof. Metal roofs are usually installed as sheets with standing seams to guard against leakage. In the latter part of the 19th century, roofs began to be made of corrugated iron panels, which were so strong that they needed less support than other roofing materials. In the 20th century, corrugated aluminum panels were used as roofing material because they also required less support. Now, metal roofs can have elements shaped to look like shingles or tiles.

Today’s options for Chicago metal roofing include metal panels. These panels come in a variety of bright colors. They have a bare steel foundation over a backer coat. Over the steel is a layer of galvanized coating, a zinc coat, a coat of primer that resists corrosion and a final coat of polyester finish. They are easy to install, maintain, clean and resist dirt and stains. Some are available in lengths of three through 40 feet.

Other steel shingles are made to look like cedar shakes. They’re extremely long lasting and can resist hurricane force winds, though they’re both lightweight and fire resistant. The shingles can also be installed over a roof that’s already in place. Unlike real cedar shingles, which turn rich silver over time, these metal shingles come in a good selection of colors.

Steel roofs can also be coated with stone. These stone coated steel roofs, which come in shapes that resemble traditional adobe tiles, are made of an aluminum zinc alloy covered with steel coated with stone granules. The granules are sealed with a polymer. They have all the beauty of tile roofs, but they’re lighter, won’t split, rot or burn and aren’t troubled with cracking or the shrinkage and expansion that comes with seasonal weather. Again, these tiles can be bought in pretty, traditional colors.

Stone coated metal shingles can also be had. Like the other stone coated metal roofing options, they require little maintenance and last for decades. They’re made of the same materials as the steel tiles, and are locked together. This interlocking, together with the nonporous nature of the metal, makes the roof especially weatherproof. Stone coated metal shingles can also be installed over an existing roof, so the homeowner doesn’t have the added expense of having to remove the original roof.  Contact an Chicago metal roofing installer today to help you determine what the best options are for your circumstances.